It must be made clear that this group and it's website is for the purpose of historical re-enactment and by appearing at public attended shows

and events, it is our intention to show, explain and educate the public on a particular aspect of world history and allow members to enjoy their

  hobby.  We neither condone, encourage nor wish to glorify any political ideology either existent or historical and we distance ourselves entirely

from anyone so doing.

Welcome to the Leibstandarte 39/45 living history re-enactment group U.K.

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Leibstandarte 39/45 are a Living History - Re-enactment group dedicated to accuracy in all we portray and do.

We portray various aspects of the WWII period 39/45 German ' Panzer Grenadiere ' (armour mounted infantry)

of the LAH ( Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler) 1st SS.

Leibstandarte 39/45 can be seen at many of the Premier Military Event's and Show's around the U.K.

Our diorama displays and original and replica vehicles on show are always impressive and educational.

See our EVENTS page for more information on Show's we will be attending this year.

Leibstandarte 39/45 associate regularly with many like minded re-enactors who portray various other WWII German units

and groups who portray WWII British - American and Russian.  We concider this a fellowship of re-enactors as we all share

the same mutual interest and passion for the hobby.  You will find links to information about these other groups on our LINKS page

Leibstandarte 39/45 are a group founded by very experienced  re-enactors dedicated to accuracy.

Although we are a small group we are always willing to consider new members providing individuals match our recruitment criteria, regardless if they are seasoned re-enactors or first timers.

If you are interested in becoming a member of a premier group , and to explore and enjoy a very rewarding hobby,

please contact us via the CONTACT page on this website. We look forward to hearing from you !

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